Protect your Health in Mexico with IMSS Family Insurance!

Protect your
Health in Mexico
with Family Insurance

For many foreign nationals residing in Mexico, having adequate medical coverage is a priority. However, private medical insurance can be expensive. What options do those seeking accessible healthcare for themselves and their families have? In this article, we will explore how the Family Insurance provided by the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) can be the ideal solution for temporary or permanent residents in Mexico who want to protect their health and that of their loved ones without breaking the bank.


To begin, we need to know a bit more about IMSS. It provides medical care to Mexicans and any resident who wishes to sign up for it. With over 692 hospitals and more than 13,886 health centers throughout Mexico, it is the largest public health institution in the country and in all of Latin America.

5 benefits of IMSS Family Insurance:

01. Comprehensive Medical Care Access: IMSS offers a wide range of health services, including medical consultations, hospitalization, medications, surgeries, and more. With Family Insurance, foreign residents can ensure that their loved ones receive quality medical care when they need it.

02. Protect Your Spouse and Dependent Children: Your family is the most important thing, and IMSS knows it. With Family Insurance, you can ensure your spouse and dependent children, providing them with the protection and medical care they deserve. Nothing is more valuable than the health of those you love!

03. Ease of Enrollment Process: Enrolling in this service is relatively quick, and it can even be done online. You don’t need many documents, and our team will be with you every step of the way, providing you with the guidance and support you need to enroll without complications.

04. Affordable Cost: One of the greatest advantages of IMSS Family Insurance is its affordable cost compared to private medical insurance. Foreign residents who cannot afford private medical insurance can find in IMSS an economical and viable option to protect the health of their loved ones.

05. National Network of Medical Care: IMSS has an extensive network of medical facilities and healthcare professionals throughout Mexico, ensuring that Family Insurance beneficiaries have access to quality healthcare services, whether in urban or rural areas.

In conclusion, IMSS Family Insurance is an excellent option for foreign residents in Mexico seeking accessible and quality medical coverage for their families. With a wide range of health services, affordable costs, and a simple enrollment process, IMSS provides peace of mind and protection to those who want to care for their loved ones without compromising their financial stability.


If you’re interested in applying for this health insurance, we can help you. It’s one of the benefits of our membership. But if you’re not part of the Healthitinerary family, don’t worry. We can also assist you through our sister company, Assist Services. Visit to

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