6 steps for being a good patient in a medical appointment

6 steps
for being
a good patient

Visiting the doctor is part of our lives, even if it is for annual check-ups or for a specific illness. It demonstrates the trust we have in our doctors and in medicine in general.

During our consultations, we often focus only on the doctor’s attitude toward us, how he or she treated us, if the consultation was comfortable and if he or she showed genuine interest. However, few people talk about the patient’s attitude, and both attitudes are important for a productive and quality medical consultation.

So, how can we be good patients?

The doctor-patient interaction builds a relationship where doctors need patients to provide information to give proper answers to their questions.

When patients go for consultation, it’s important to understand that doctors need their information to provide proper treatment.

01. The doctor can’t do it alone. If the patient doesn’t follow the given instructions, they won’t be able to get well, regardless of how good the doctor is. This is not only damaging to their health, but also to their trust in medicine and in the doctor.

02. Being honest is crucial. Patients might feel embarrassed to share the cause of their consultation, but it’s essential to tell the truth to receive the proper treatment. A doctor’s job is not to judge patients but to help them get better.

03. If the patient doesn’t feel satisfied with the consultation results, they have the freedom to seek a second opinion.

04. Punctuality is essential. Patients must attend their appointments on time to respect the doctor’s and other patients’ time.

05. Bringing any relevant documents such as analysis, X-rays, diagnoses, medicines, and allergies to the consultation can make the communication between patient and doctor more effective.

06. Taking the initiative to ask questions and raise concerns can help both the patient and the doctor feel more comfortable and secure.

Being a good patient not only helps maintain the doctor-patient relationship, but it also ensures that the doctor can address the patient’s concerns and resolve any issues they may have.

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