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Hello to Healthitinerary!

We are a group of specialists with more than 10 years of experience, dedicated to serving, understanding and solving the health needs of our clients.

With us, you not only receive quality medical care but also gain exclusive access to a personalized experience tailored to your individual needs.

Imagine having a dedicated team available 24/7, ready to address your medical queries, arrange transportation, and provide translation if needed.

Moreover, forget about worries with our always-active emergency assistance line, giving you peace of mind and security anytime, anywhere.

By joining Healthitinerary, you become part of a community dedicated to your well-being, where every detail is crafted to offer you comfort, support, and above all, a healthier and happier life. Your health is our commitment, your wellness our aim

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Our Membership

Imagine having all the knowledge and insides information about the healthcare system, providers and doctors at one phone call or email away, plus having firsthand guidance, help and support from health specialists and doctors.

Our memberships are carefully designed to guarantee the care of your health and well-being, so you can live without medical worries while you are in Yucatan.

Additional Benefits

5% discount on contracting insurance with Expat Insurance Company​

15% discount on contracting procedures with Assist Services Company

Free dental cleaning and checkup with our dental provider*

Discounts on cardiology consultations at Vita Centro Médico

Discounts on dental treatments*

Discount on Labs Works*

Discount on Rental and Purchase of Medical Equipment

Discounts on private physiotherapy sessions*

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    What People Say

    Being new to the Merida area and not speaking the language, my husband and I have been so pleased with the services that Pati and her team provide. With a simple call, email or text Healthitinerary makes our doctors appointments and meets us at the office where they check-us in and provide translation services. All of the team are friendly and helpful and we honestly would be lost without them.

    Susan Sambrano

    I never write reviews good or bad but this operation is so outstanding that I must share. On a scale of 2 to 10,this service is a 12 I am with IMSS Whenever I have an appointment, they pick me up (I'm in Progreso so they have to drive from Merida to pick me up. of I need drugs, they pick them up for me. I had a specialist appointment yesterday. They picked me up, drove me to Merida Angel took me to the hospital. He stayed with me for nearly five hours until the specialist showed up. Then he accompanied into the office to translate. When he saw that I was upset, he explained this to the doctor. he deserves a medal The whole operation is fabulous. I don't know-how I could negotiate the system without them. and they are really reasonably priced Need help. Phone Pati or Raphael.

    Stan Straw
    August, 08

    We Meridanos have long been in need of a service like HealthNet Connect. Navigating the confusing minefield of health care in Merida relying mainly on personal recommendations is certainly a hit and miss affair. Now we have a reliable source of information to guide us to choosing the best possible solution to our particular health problem. Not only that, we have help in attending our clinical appointments, support with preparing for surgery (pre-op tests etc.) and help with finding after-care solutions. In addition, HealthNet Connect can help you with the other formidable minefield of persuading your private health insurance to actually pay up! They recently saved me $21,000 Pesos/$1,500 USD (i.e. 5 years of yearly membership!!!) by guiding me through my health claim. This meant that I could choose the best doctor and the best clinic for my surgery. Thank you, HealthNet Connect.”

    Simon Altman
    April, 12

    Their representative was with me at my house within 20 minutes and stayed at my side for the next 10 hours, organizing transportation to the hospital, staying with me at Clinica de Mérida, translating, getting the right kind of physician reports and receipts to support filing my insurance claims, chasing down doctors or nurses for X-rays etc. They went on to organize 24/7 household help in one day as I live alone and must keep the cast elevated for four weeks. One of the physicians has checked on me twice since then and even hand-delivered a rental wheelchair. I am paying extra for the household services and rental wheelchair but the rest of their support is included in their monthly or annual fee.

    Wendy Horn
    January, 20

    My husband and I have been living in Merida for almost 10 years and only discovered Pati and last year. I can honestly say that I feel like a weight has been taken off of my shoulders now that we are working with Pati. I no longer worry about health insurance as I know that Pati and are there for us if we need them. They have been super-responsive and have exhibited great attention to detail. I wish we had discovered Pati and much, much sooner!

    Jane and Andrew Boundy
    February, 17

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